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Sliding Fee Discount Program

Making healthcare more affordable for you and your family

At Fair Hill Community Physicians, no patient will ever be denied access to care based on their inability to pay for our services. With the Sliding Fee Discount Program, the amount you pay is based on your household size and income.

This program not only allows us to provide vital healthcare services to more people in the community, but it puts less of a financial stress on all those who rely on our office for their care.

Who Can Apply for This Program?

Anyone can apply for this program!

How Do I Apply for This Program?

Patients only need to provide their household size and income to determine if they qualify for the program*

Download the application form below.

What’s the Point of This Program?

– To increase the amount of people who are able to benefit from our vital healthcare services.

– To help reduce the out-of-pocket costs you pay for healthcare services.

Understanding the Sliding Fee Payment Scale

To get an understanding of how the Sliding Fee payment scale works, please see the image below that outlines how much you will pay for your visit, as determined by your household’s total annual (gross) income and the size of your household.

The staff at our offices will be more than happy to walk through this information with you during your visit. 

* Official documentation on income and family size (W2, pay stub, etc.) is required in order to utilize the sliding fee program. Proof of income is ONLY used to determine if a patient qualifies for the program and is kept confidential within Fair Hill Community Physicians